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Contrary to received ideas, find a job in Australia is not so simple. But apparently, it seems even more difficult when we are in Adelaide, really small city, with a tiny city center and a vast suburban space. 

Actually, you can go on  "easy websites" such as Gumtree, but most of jobs offered are black jobs, jobs "to work at home" or swindles. Every person you call has something special to tell you, there is always something hidden. That is why I left the idea of looking for a job on Gumtree, even if it is really temped...

You can try to distribute resumes, but I think it is not a good idea, as it cost a lot of money to print one page, and Australians resumes required a minimum of two pages. The cheapest printer that I found was 11cents, and it was at Uni. In a word, it cost you your time and your money, because people tell you a cathegorical "NO" or "maybe". Maybe equals to "no", as they are not going to call you back. It is you lookingfor a job, so you have to be perseverent, keep on trying, never give up. But it is hard, because I found a job after one fully month of intensive research and I still think that it is because of lucky events. 




Actually, my Australian roomate told me to suscribe at every "better job websites", such as seek. Every morning I received newsletters telling me the offering of the day, and I immediatly called them, telling them that it would be better for me to come and talk, whether sending my resume on the internet. Everyday I called something like 25 people...

I also went to a few job interview which were a disaster. One was a small and dirty pizzeria offering me something at $10 per hour, really out of the city. The other one was a king of selling cosmetics in your network, but you had to buy the $500 kit before, and many others were not declared. 

I finally found a job at Nando's, a portuguese restaurant franchise in the perfect location for me: the city center. 

I went there with my resume because I previously saw on that they were looking for someone, and I presented me, as if it were spontaneous. I got the job immediatly and I started the ay after. They give me 20hours per week, what a lot of other jobs could'nt offer me. I am really happy with this job, as I am with a dynamic team. I can also improve my English. I am working hard but I do not regret, because my efforts will be rewarded as I will soon become a manager. 

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